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nach Jeff Finkle on 21 February 2017
We seem to be living in an uncertain world of alternative facts, where Saturday Night Live spoofs no longer seem like satire but there is some comfort in embracing the humor... weiterlesen

Mark Tungate
nach Mark Tungate on 10 February 2017
Blending design, branding and social strategy, small but nimble new outfit Jones & Bone is the perfect example of a 21st century agency. Read on to find out why the London-based duo prefer to call it a “creative boutique”. weiterlesen

on  6 February 2017
What distinguishes the big game from all other nights is the sheer size of the audience (100 million plus) and the fact that those watching are actually looking forward to seeing the ads.  weiterlesen

Mark Tungate
nach Mark Tungate on  3 February 2017
If the President of the United States considers Twitter his most effective communications tool, who are we to argue? weiterlesen

Matthew Hallock
nach Matthew Hallock on  3 January 2017
Paul Rand is known as one of the most iconic graphic designers in American history, but his contributions are even greater than that. He elevated commercial artistry into graphic design. weiterlesen

Mark Tungate
nach Mark Tungate on  3 January 2017
Planning to get fit, pick up a new skill or kick a bad habit in 2016? There may be an app for that. weiterlesen

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