75 Queen Street Suite 1400
Montreal Québec H3C 2N6
Telefon: (+1) 514 282-2200


Hauptkompetenzen: Werbung/Full Service/ Integriert, Digital, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, Marketing Services, Branded Content/Entertainment, Marketing Technologies / Analytics, Public Relations, Media-Einkauf/Planung, Branding/ Produktentwicklung, Verpackung / Design, Strategy and Planning, Lebensstil, Altersstufen

Gegründet in: 1993


Mitarbeiter: 394

Awards: 31

Kreative Projekte: 4

Kunden: 2


75 Queen Street Suite 1400
Montreal Québec H3C 2N6
Telefon: (+1) 514 282-2200
Bertrand Cesvet

Bertrand Cesvet

Chairman, Senior Partner

Telefon: (+1) 514 282 2200

Yanik Deschenes

Yanik Deschenes

VP Global Communications and Business Partnerships

Telefon: (+1) 5142822200

Martin Gauthier

President, Sid Lee Montreal, Senior Partner

über die Agentur SID LEE MONTREAL

We are a global creative team of 600 professionals crafting innovative consumer experiences to drive value for top-tier brands.

From our digital roots, we grew into one of the most multidisciplinary firms in the world and offer a holistic approach to advertising, architecture and retail design, branded content and entertainment, digital and social media, branding, and reputation management.

We work for clients in over 20 countries from our ateliers in Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris, Toronto, and New York. Our firm has been named "Agency of the Year" and one of the most performing agencies in the world according to Forbes.

We are co-owned by Cirque du Soleil, making for a powerful partnership that fuels our ability to deliver memorable experiences driven by creativity. Sid Lee is also the curator of C2-MTL, a global conference on commerce and creativity (www.c2mtl.com).

For more info visit sidlee.com 





Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Mandarin, Polnisch, Portugiesisch, Spanisch
Philosophie & Wettbewerbsvorteile

We believe that organizations, individuals and even societies depend more than ever on creativity to flourish. By eliminating boundaries between disciplines, cultures, business and art, we believe diversity is the key to success. More specifically, we think companies that appreciate and master creativity will outperform those that master only productivity or even technology. Our mission as artisans and capable professionals is to help companies recognize and unleash the commercial potential of creativity. 

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