TitelEat Your Tweet
Kampagne Eat Your Tweet
Werbende Continental foods
Marke Liebig
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Suppen, Füllungen, Saucen
Story In September 2019, French TV aired a prime time report on industrial soups. Hidden sugars, additives, artificial flavours – 6M French people discovered the reality of what they eat.
The report concerned all brands but Liebig, France’s leading brand of soups, had the most reason to worry about the backlash. French people were promising a boycott - a potential disaster because, that October, Liebig was launching a new line of 100% natural soups, and that would be difficult to sell with this negative buzz.
Medientyp Social Media
Creative Director
Creative Director
Copywriter / Art Director
Copywriter / Art Director
Art Director
Head of TV
Direktor Strategische Planung
Account Manager Director
Account Manager Director
Account Supervisor
Head of Social Media
Social media consultant
Communication and PR Manager
Influencer Manager

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