TitelThe Hidden Flag
Kampagne The Hidden Flag
Werbende Federación Estatal LGTB
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Gegen ethnische Diskriminierung
Story The gay pride "rainbow flag" is banned in Russia. So in 2018, when the world had its eyes on Russia for the soccer World Cup, the Spanish LGTB federation defied the law with a peaceful yet clever protest: a group of fans strolled the streets wearing different football shirts that, when lined up together, formed the colours of the rainbow flag.
Medientyp Case Study
Entrant Company LOLA Mullenlowe
Chief Creative Officer Chacho Puebla
Executive Creative Director Pancho Cassis
Creative Director Tomás Ostiglia, Fabio Brígido
Head of Digital Innovation Fred Bosch
Copywriter José Sancho
Art Director Pedro Sattin
Senior Planner Marcelle Santos
PR Director Sarah Okrent
Producers Felipe Calviño, Sebastian Arce, Diego Baltazar
Photographer Javier Tres
Film Director Michelle Cassis
Production company Primo content
Executive Producer Inés Segura
Production Director Marta Mancera
Producer Inés Massa
Production assistant Julia Estruga

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