TitelMake Beer, Not War
Kampagne Make Beer, Not War
Werbende Heineken
Marke Affligem Brouwerij bds
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Bier, Cidre
Story Some things sound too good to be true, until they actually turn out to be true. HEINEKEN-owned beer brand Affligem was originally founded by knights who decided to lay down their arms and devote their life to brewing beer. In other words: make beer, not war. In its launch campaign for the Netherlands, the brand celebrates this remarkable history. The Affligem campaign features a medieval battle near an eponymous village. When one of the knights refuses to fight any longer after slightly damaging his attire, some of his colleagues are quick to follow. After a short brainstorm on how to give new meaning to their lives, they decide to follow their hearts and devote their lives to what truly makes them happy. Affligem is born.
Medientyp Internet-Film

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