TitelSchool for Justice
BriefThe School for Justice is far more than a campaign: it's a real school teaching the former victims of child prostitution how to become lawyers, bring the guilty to justice and change the system. The school has brought one of India's most taboo subjects out into the public and the headlines. It is not only starting a conversation around child prostitution on an epic scale, without the use of traditional media spend, but also fundamentally shifting opinion. And it is empowering some of India’s most disadvantaged young women through education.
Kampagne School For Justice
Werbende Free A Girl Movement India
Marke Free A Girl Movement India
PostedApril 2017
Geschäftsbereich Gemeinnützige Organisationen
Story The idea of the School for Justice was born 1.5 years ago. We worked closely together with the Free a Girl Movement India to bring the school to life. The School for Justice is both a physical school and an educational programme. We are collaborating with one of the best law universities in India to ensure the highest level of education. The School for Justice opened on 6 April 2017 with the first class of 19 girls. And we are already busy with actively preparing for the class of 2018. 
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