TitelSubstitute Workers
Kampagne Substitute Workers
Werbende Laive S. A.
Marke Laive
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Andere Milchdesserts
Slogan Substitute Workers
Story After 36 years, Peru went back to the World Cup. The only problem was that, because of the time zone, the matches where in working ours. A real problem for the ones who can’t stop... a real problem for a dairy factory. But, who can replace them in a country so desperate to watch their national team?
Philosophie In Laive, we live more
Problem A dairy factory can’t stop in an unexpected situation, so we needed a solution to help this Peruvians fulfilled their dream of watching their country in the World Cup after 36 years.
Ergebnis +700k views in the first weeks +2,5 million impressions +40 unexpected resumes received +40 Peruvians replaced 1 entire country cheering for their team
Medientyp Case Study
Soundtrack Sin Anestesia Studio
Chief Creative Officer
Stellvertretender Creative Director
Art Director
Production Director
Account Director
Senior Film Editor
Junior Film Editor
Film Director

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