TitelThe Journey
Kampagne Break Your Limits
Werbende Enertor
Marke Enertor
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Mode, Kleidung & Schuhe
Story When it comes to sport, we all know that the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference to your performance. Whether you’re a weekend jogger or a long distance runner, whether it’s changing your headphones or upping your hydration, when you’re looking to raise your game, every advantage matters.
The same goes for your insoles. New performance enhancing insole company ENERTOR™ has signed up Usain Bolt as the face (and feet) of its brand. Full length performance insoles are worn and endorsed by Usain Bolt, who commented: “Limits are something that sportsmen and women face every day, both physically and mentally, and to be successful you have to break those limits. Being able to train harder and perform better enables everyone to break their limits.” And if anyone has a track record of breaking limits, it’s Bolt.
The campaign goes live on Saturday 9th July; “The Journey” is a mini-odyssey that tells the story of two journeys: one literal, the other figurative, with a TV ad depicting a young kid running on dirt tracks through Jamaican villages.
The insole, which is the first of its kind, uses D3O® technology, a patented smart material that cushions the foot when moved slowly, but locks together on impact to absorb and disperse energy before instantly returning to its flexible state. The material enhances shock absorption, helping to both reduce injury and improve performance.
The launch has touched many areas of the VCCP Group, including VCCP Media and VCCP Kin with PR and influencer engagement managed by VCCP’s PR arm, Good Relations.
Enertor will be distributed exclusively in Superdrug while the launch campaign will run across TV, print, digital – social support and paid display, online and in-store activation. 
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