TitelMore for you - Gift
Kampagne More For You - Gift
Werbende O2
Marke O2
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Geschäftsbereich Telekommunikation
Story O2’s new brand campaign, More for you, celebrates the perks, service, flexibility and connectivity on offer to its customers to help them have the best possible experience with their mobiles. It showcases how O2 has something for everyone. From perks like Priority Tickets to gigs 48 hours before general release, to exclusive restaurant offers through O2’s Priority app, or even advice to help parents keep their kids safe online through their partnership with the NSPCC, O2 understands that our relationship with technology is more complex than ever before. They understand our phones are so more than just phones, and so they have to be more than just a great network.
The campaign follows the results of a nationwide study, commissioned by O2, that delved into the nation’s relationships with their mobiles and unearthed our #newnormal. And it revealed some surprising insights, including the fact that we’re more inclined to share a toothbrush than our handset, and 81% of us couldn’t go a day without our phone!
The TV is supported by a series of short films directed by BAFTA award winning director Stevan Riley, designed to spark debate and open the conversation about our own personal #newnormal phone habits. There’s even a series of quizzes available online for consumers to compare their own phone habits with the rest of the country.
And the campaign itself will deliver against the ‘More for You’ brand promise as well. Focusing on targeted, contextual, and localised executions, O2 will sustain the brand narrative across more than 20 propositions using the latest programmatic and location-based tools, to serve the right customers with the right messages at the right time. 
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