TitelFormula E - Virtual Racers
Kampagne Virtual Racers
Werbende Formula E
Marke Formula E
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Story VCCP gave fans the opportunity to get behind the wheel with our fresh take on Google Cardboard VR.
Google Cardboard was released in 2014 as an affordable way of putting Virtual Reality into the hands of more people. With over three million headsets distributed to date it has been an effective and affordable way of allowing people to experience immersive content.
To commemorate Formula E’s final races of the tour in London at the beginning of July, VCCP enlisted the help of virtual reality as a way of bringing people closer to the action.
The headset gave fans access to all of Formula E’s 360 race content, including exclusive behind the scenes access. It also housed a limited edition first season, model toy car, all of which is encased in VCCP’s London ePrix poster artwork illustrated by UNA (Andrew Archer and Kelly Thompson).
The video content has been gathered from the season’s tour filmed around the world; everywhere from Beijing to Buenos Aires, and since it was filmed in 360, VCCP jumped on the opportunity to make the most of the virtual reality format. 
Medientyp Verpackung, Marke & Design
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