TitelThe URjj
Kampagne The URjj
Werbende Müller
Marke FRijj
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Milch & Milchprodukte
Story Following a three year hiatus FRijj is back on our screens with a new TV spot created by VCCP.
Part one of a three part, sitcom style mini-series, the 20” spot features two housemates (Jonny and Dan) with a penchant for irresistible dairy goodness caught in an ongoing battle over the ownership of the fridge’s… well FRijjs. It seems neither can fight the ‘URjj’ to guzzle a choc-a-chocolate - even if it does moo!
The ad is set to re-launch FRijj as a competitor in the market and follows on from the launch of a new product range earlier this year – including the 40% less sugar Mango & Passion fruit range.
Tony Hector, Creative Director on the campaign said: “The FRijj rebrand has been a fantastic campaign to be part of. Our focus has been to push FRijj's irresistible taste credentials through our campaign line "feel the URjj." This is brought to life through Jonny and Dan, who feature in both TV and online; a partnership with the potential to develop throughout the mini-series.”
The spot launched on Monday 5th September with parts two and three to be seeded online over the next few weeks. The social content, also created by VCCP, launched last week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with hashtag #TheURjj teasing that ‘The URjj is coming’. 
Medientyp Fernsehen

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