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Werbende Edwards Lifesciences
Marke Edwards Lifesciences
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Geschäftsbereich Gesundheits- und Pharmazeutische Produkte
Philosophie Edwards Lifesciences are innovators in the medical device industry, with products that transform patients’ lives and improve life expectancy across a range of conditions. INSPIRIS RESILIA is Edwards’ newest surgical aortic heart valve for a condition called aortic stenosis (a narrowing of the aortic valve that makes it more difficult for the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body). There are severe consequences, including death, if left untreated. Replacing the diseased valve with a prosthetic valve via open heart surgery is the standard course of treatment for aortic stenosis. Surgeons can choose from two types of valve: · mechanical valves, which are manmade and deemed to last over 20 years, but require lifelong anticoagulants (blood-thinning medication) · tissue valves, which are natural and do not require anticoagulants (however are less durable, lasting anywhere between 10-15 years) For patients under 65, the choice of valve has typically been mechanical, mainly due to the increased durability of the valve, meaning patients are less likely to need another open heart surgery in their lifetime. For these younger patients, however, mechanical valves are life-limiting. The management of daily anticoagulants is time consuming, results in the need for frequent blood tests and doctors’ visits and greatly restricts patients’ activities (due to the need to prevent injuries which can result in internal bleeding). With INSPIRIS RESILIA, surgeons can now offer patients a choice that promises the durability of a mechanical valve without the lifestyle restrictions that come with lifelong anticoagulation. INSPIRIS RESILIA is a tissue valve that has been designed to be more durable than standard tissue valves. Increased durability, combined with the freedom of not requiring lifelong anticoagulation, can be liberating for patients. It can allow them to experience more uninterrupted, active years ahead post valve replacement surgery – effectively, a new lease of life. It is this sentiment that we wanted to capture in our campaign, along with an execution that would enable an emotive story to be told and cut through the very functional, product driven advertising that persists within the medical device category. Valve replacement surgery does not need to be life limiting. Patients can continue to live their lives on their terms and maintain the activities they loved to do before their diagnosis. Our HCP campaign uses animation to tell an emotive story about patients being delivered back into their lives and the joy that ensues. Storks are the metaphorical vehicle for returning our patients back to the lives they love, helping them to feel ‘reborn’.
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