TitelThe Exchange
Kampagne The Exchange
Werbende Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Val Venosta (Vip)
Marke Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Val Venosta (Vip)
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Geschäftsbereich Gemeinnützige Organisationen
Problem The main objective of the campaign, in addition to thanking all Spanish greengrocers for their work, has been to bring this profession closer to young people through the digital tools provided by social networks. To do this, the singer and influencer Natalia, characterized by her healthy and sporty lifestyle, has provided tips to boost the fruit sales sector, promoting the sale of fruit and vegetables that represents 33.3% of the volume of food in Spain. Natalia’s involvement in the campaign promotes the greengrocers trend of eating more healthily. In return, greengrocer Felix Vázquez taught Natalia how to do his job for a day, in one of the most exotic greengrocers in Madrid.
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