36 Golden Square
London W1F 9EE
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Hauptkompetenzen: Werbung/Full Service/ Integriert, Digital, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Services, Direktmarketing / Telemarketing / Datenbankmarketing, Marktforschung/ Beratung, Public Relations, Events/Sponsoring, Branding/ Produktentwicklung, Verpackung / Design, Strategy and Planning, Öffentliche Dienste, Vertrieb, Schönheit, Mode, Luxusprodukte, Reisen und Turismus

Gegründet in: 1995

Holding: M&C Saatchi Global (London, Großbritannien)

Mitarbeiter: 2700

Awards: 45

Kreative Projekte: 103

Kunden: 26

M&C Saatchi London

36 Golden Square
London W1F 9EE
Telefon: (+44) 020 7544 3766
Kate Bosomworth

Kate Bosomworth


Telefon: (+44) 7960258800

Moray MacLennan

Moray MacLennan

Worldwide CEO

Telefon: (+44) 20 7543 4524

über die Agentur M&C Saatchi London


M&C Saatchi has over a 145 companies in 35 countries across all marketing disciplines.

Our business strategy is to start companies rather than to acquire them. The partners in our companies are therefore not just managers, they are owners.

We give them the freedom to grow and evolve and they in turn are trusted to show responsibility and respect for others.

This strategy creates a culture wherein people want to work together - have chosen to be part of M&C Saatchi Worldwide rather than being forced to be through acquisition.

This start up model allows us to add capabilities at speed and stay ahead of the curve, not just with an individual but with a new company of specialist talent.

Our future strategy is to change absolutely nothing, and absolutely everything.

The nothing – our 4 key principles give us strong foundations for growth - Brutal Simplicity of Thought, Diversity of Thought, Independence and Start Ups.

Everything – we will accelerate the breadth of our offering and the variety of people who we start businesses with, globally.

M&C Saatchi. Home to the Creative Entrepreneur 


Philosophie & Wettbewerbsvorteile

In 1995 we set out to create a new kind of network.
That was international from birth.
That was built through start-ups rather than acquisition.
Where the local management has local equity.
Twenty-one years later, M&C Saatchi’s unique structure, philosophy and culture has produced:
A network of twenty-five agencies in all major cities and territories.
And nine specialist companies.
A federation of entrepreneurs who are free to grow, innovate and create.
Who work better together because we are like each other and like each other. 

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