TitelFolded Logo
Kampagne Folded Logo
Werbende Samsung
Marke Samsung
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Story The first foldable phone was the most anticipated and talked about mobile innovation over the past two years. It was the biggest mobile innovation after a decade of iterations. When Samsung's revolutionary Galaxy Fold debuted, it changed the category forever and the brand needed to own this breakthrough. So, to signal the arrival of a device that breaks the laws of physics, we broke the most important rule of design: We folded Samsung’s logo.
On November 4th 2019, without any explanation, Samsung changed their owned social media channels profile images to show a new folded logo. Audiences began speculating whether folding the logo was the first clue to tease a foldable phone. Or a ploy to troll their competitors in the race to release the first foldable phone with a reactive message. Never confirming nor denying, this unexplained folded logo lived on their social channels for less than 24 hours. Even so, in that short amount of time, this generated tremendous earned media and buzz worldwide. The Folded Logo is the simplest expression of the message we needed to communicate: Samsung is about to announce the arrival of the first foldable phone. Knowing this simple execution would generate earned media during a time conversation around foldable phones was driven by speculation, we added to the uncertainty. Weeks before any official announcement, and for less than 24 hours, we used a simple folded logo across all social media channels to signal a mysterious message world.
In just 24 hours, and with $0 spent, every major media outlet was talking about it, with more than 500 million earned impressions worldwide.
The device sold sold out in the pre-order phase, even despite its very high price (+$1500) and a series of negative influencer reviews related with the security sticker on the prototype screen. But independently of the business success of the first Galaxy Fold, Samsung is owning the conversation around this fundamental shift in the mobile industry thanks to a brave and daring approach to its communication. To top it all off, this campaign won a Bronze Design Lions at Cannes 2019. 
Today, Samsung continues to bet big on the future of foldables with a new global campaign, ‘Flex Your Way,’ featuring both the Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Set to Shirley Ellis’ ‘I See It, I Like It, I Want It,’ the stylish yet playful campaign shows off how Samsung’s two category-defining foldables are changing how people will use their phones forever.
 “We are proud to be pioneers in leading a new era of mobile. Foldables were born out of a desire to completely reimagine the smartphone, changing the way people watch, work, play, socialize, capture and more on the go. This campaign showcases our commitment to foldables and innovation through not just one, but two incredible devices – and we are just getting started.” – Sonia Chang, VP of Global Brand Marketing Group, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics
Gartner predicts that the foldables category will grow +75% CAGR year-on-year from 2019 to 2025, reaching 30 million foldables by 2023.
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