TitelThe Right AI
Kampagne The Right AI
Werbende IBM
Marke WatsonX
PostedAugust 2023
Geschäftsbereich IT Lösungen, ISP für Firmen
Story With watsonx, businesses have a unified platform to tap the best of IBM and open-source foundation models to create, deploy, and manage both traditional machine learning and generative AI that can be adapted to new scenarios. Importantly, client data used to train models with watsonx is not retained by IBM or used to benefit other organizations for any future training purposes, providing a solution with privacy and security. As the ads demonstrate, watsonx is enabling organizations of all kinds to reap a wide range of benefits with generative AI – from automating customer response times, accelerating code generation, automating key workflows with digital labor in departments such as HR, application modernization, IT automation and more.
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