470 Saint Kilda Road 5th Floor
Melbourne Victoria 3004
Telefon: (+61) 3 9208 1800


Gegründet in: 1944


Holding: WPP Group Plc (London, Großbritannien)

Awards: 34

Kunden: 7

Grey Worldwide Melbourne

470 Saint Kilda Road 5th Floor
Melbourne Victoria 3004
Telefon: (+61) 3 9208 1800

Jane Emery

General Manager

Telefon: (+61) 03 9208 1800

Andrew Allen

Managing Director/Media Comm.

Telefon: (+61) 3 9208 1800

David Crothers

Managing Director/Grey Communications

Telefon: (+61) 3 9208 1800

Paul Gardner

Managing Director/Grey Advertising

Telefon: (+61) 3 9208 1800

Ian Herdman

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Telefon: (+61) 3 9208 1800

über die Agentur Grey Worldwide Melbourne

Famously Efffective since 1917


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Philosophie & Wettbewerbsvorteile
Consumer understanding
Grey Advertising's ´Eye on Australia' consumer research combined with our experience in many product categories has given us a thorough understanding of how to effectively communicate with different consumers.
Total client involvement
Nobody knows your business as well as you, so your input is crucial. You'll be kept informed at all stages of the production process.
An experienced team
Our account service, creative and production team will draw on their extensive retail, brand, corporate and government experience to produce the best possible solution.
Technology benefits
We have a continuous technology investment program to deliver time, cost and quality benefits to you. Our technology platform is Power Mac based, incorporating hi-resolution image storage and high quality colour laser proofs. And our digital communication technology puts you ´on line' so art proofs can be digitally sent to you for approval.
Cost efficiency
Whizzbang Art is designed to manage heavy workloads in a cost effective manner. And you'll benefit from our volume negotiations for scans, film and printing.
Additional services
You'll also have access to the resources of the Grey Advertising network. So your campaign can be extended through public relations, media and the Internet.
WhizzbangArt has access to the resources, services and buying power of the sixth largest agency group in the world, the Grey Advertising Group.
We can provide you with the following services if you require them.
Strategic direction from Grey Advertising, public relations from GCI, media planning and buying from MediaCom, multi-media and Internet services from Grey Interactive, corporate design and packaging from Steve Blenheim Design and health related marketing from Grey Healthcare.
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