TitelOptrex: Open Your Eyes to Spring
Kampagne Optrex Open Your Eyes to Spring
Werbende Reckitt
Marke Optrex
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Gesundheits- und Pharmazeutische Produkte
Story This new work from Optrex strikingly caricatures hay fever sufferers' Spring struggles - with the highly targetable, digital-first campaign serving up quick, adaptable, contextualised edits based on factors such as pollen count, weather and the cultural calendar.
Philosophie Open Your Eyes to Spring, dramatises the symptoms of hay fever through an arresting caricatured series of eyes – watery, itchy, puffy and bloodshot – illustrated by director Adam Bolt via production company UNIT9 and brought to life by make-up artist and body painter Claire Dimopoulou. Background scenes are similarly painted and static – until the sufferers alleviate some of their discomfort with Optrex ActiMist, causing their freakish painted eyes to fade away and scenes to spring to life as real footage. The campaign, which runs predominantly across a range of digital and social platforms, has been designed with highly targeted and contextual adaptation at its heart. Working in partnership with creative management platform Ad-Lib.io, the agency can quickly adapt assets, copy, targeting and placement depending on a number of potential variables, including pollen count and weather, or to reflect news, cultural events or trending topics. It will run in a variety of formats throughout the summer.
Problem As Covid restrictions ease and the UK emerges from its winter lockdown, Spring is palpably in the air. Unfortunately for hay fever sufferers, so too is pollen – and the itchy, watery and irritated eyes that accompany it. To coincide with the beginning of hay fever season, we have launched for Reckitt eye care brand Optrex a striking new advertising campaign for its ActiMist spray – which offers fast itchy eye relief, giving sufferers some help to ditch the itch and enjoy their return to some normality as restrictions ease.
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