Kampagne Freedom
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Marke Durex
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Verhütungsmittel, Präservative & Schwangerschaftstests
Story Durex has marked the UK’s lifting of Covid restriction with a series of tactical billboards declaring, simply: ‘freedom’. Last Monday’s “freedom day” represented the first time since March 2020 people have been able to have sex without restrictions, with the campaign celebrating this through a giant condom wrapper branded ‘freedom’ in place of the usual Durex logo,
Philosophie Durex has marked the country’s lifting of all Covid restrictions with a series of billboards declaring, simply: ‘freedom’. The striking billboards, which will appear across London for the next week, depict a giant condom wrapper branded ‘freedom’ in place of the usual Durex logo, accompanied by the words ‘It’s here. Enjoy it.’. The use of a condom wrapper tacitly reminds people to enjoy their returning freedom responsibly – and recalls Durex’s mid-lockdown campaign Let’s Not Go Back to Normal, which decried ‘rubbish excuses for not wearing a condom’, ‘shaming women for even carrying one’, and ‘One million needless STIs, every single day’. It ended with the rallying cry: ‘So when it's time to get back out on the streets. And jump back in the sheets. Let's not go back to normal. Let's have good sex. Safe sex. For everyone, forever.’ Now, that time has come.
Problem The tactical advertising campaign, comes off the back of “freedom day” – with last Monday (19 July) representing the first time since March 2020 that people in the UK have been able to have sex with no Covid restrictions. It celebrates the opportunity for people to get back out there and find sexual satisfaction.
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