TitelSites in Under an Hour
Kampagne Sites in Under an Hour
Werbende GoDaddy.com
Marke GoDaddy
PostedDezember 2018
Geschäftsbereich Andere Online-Dienste
Story By the year 2020, 45% of the Canadian workforce are expected to be self-employed. That equates to an average of 130,000 new small businesses created yearly in Canada. A parallel trend we’ve observed is that thousands off these budding entrepreneurs leave their great ideas on social media. They post them with a #MillionDollarIdea or similar hashtag and abandon them. To align with these trends and to show that GoDaddy Canada Website Builder can make any idea real and #GetItOnline in under 60 minutes we searched relevant hashtags and keywords out in the Twitterverse and surprised users by making them a ready to use website for their idea, all in under an hour.
Ergebnis In three weeks, twenty unsuspecting posts were turned into websites using the GoDaddy Website Builder, all in under an hour. With permission, we then used the sites in GoDaddy's social posts to drive awareness and engagement. In only one month and with a paid media budget of only 31k, we drove three hundred thousand brand engagements and gained an estimated $1.5 million in earned media.
Medientyp Case Study
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