TitelAI Versus
BriefYour worldview can be shaped by the media you consume. Enter two artificial intellects, like twins separated at birth, with no broad knowledge of the world. One was “brought up” by Russian state TV, the other by the country’s independent channel. Now they answer questions using the information they absorbed during their "upbringing". The Russian State-educated twin gives skewed and rather alarming answers. The other's are more thoughtful. When kids don’t know something, they start making things up, which is the most fascinating part of the experiment.
Kampagne AI Versus
Werbende Dozhd TV Channel
Marke Dozhd TV
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Elektronik, IT-Teile
Slogan AI
Story What’s the difference between propaganda and news? To answer this question we created two identical AIs. They are like twins, but with no experience, no outside factors influencing their outlook. AIs were «brought up» on news programs. One was «watching» the state TV Russia-1, The other – the independent TV Rain. Using the website interface, everybody can ask a question to the AIs and get answers from them or read related answers. Also, one can vote for the system he/she likes more. Everybody is free to choose either an officially bland material presentation of a state channel or a vivid and lively language of the independent channel. The choice is theirs. (93% voters favored TV Rain's AI)
Medientyp Case Study
Creative Director
Digital Art Director
Kreative Technische Leitung
Motion Graphic Designer
Chief Digital Officer
Head of Development

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