TitelKia Stinger Case Study
Kampagne Kia Stinger_Performance PR
Werbende Kia Motors
Marke Kia Stinger
PostedMärz 2019
Geschäftsbereich Sportwagen
Slogan Performance cars, Kia, Stinger, Direct Mail, PR
Problem When it comes to performance cars, most automotive journalists didn't consider Kia. So when Kia launched their first-ever gran turismo, Stinger, we introduced an interactive book that performs like a GT to turn journalists head. Since the Stinger was engineered with 8 hears to unleash the driver's adrenaline, we engineered the book with 8 chapters to unleash the reader's adrenaline.
Ergebnis With just 75 books, we were able to shortlist Kia Stinger to win +18 automotive awards with +32% increase in positive brand sentiment.

Automobile Magazine - "The book came out far on top of Honda and Toyota's efforts"

USA Today - "Kia proved me wrong"

Forbes - "Kia Stinger sends shivers down auto industry's spine"

Medientyp Informationsmaterial & Direktmarketing

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