TitelGenesis Configurator
Kampagne Genesis Configurator
Werbende Hyundai Motor America
Marke Genesis
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Kraftfahrzeuge

We set out to transforming the Genesis.com website from a static marketing tool into a dynamic digital platform. The new 3D configurator breaks traditional Build Your Own rules with its groundbreaking and immersive web experience. The new Automotive Real-time 3D Configurator is entirely web-based, it is easily accessible on any computer and mobile device, with no need to install any plug-ins, software or download any application.


A groundbreaking and deeply immersive experience. Our users will be able to dive deep into
the configurator experience, featuring a full CG environment and real-time visualization.

Streamlined, intuitive design allows users to explore the possibilities of
Genesis through personalization, vehicle comparison, pricing and ease of navigation.
Ergebnis We launched the G70 configurator Nov 30th and since have been receiving rave reviews.
Users are most impressed with the 3D graphics, ability to see all angles of the car and how innovative and fun the experience is. Additionally, the new configurators launch had a positive impact on Genesis.com, and the new configurator had brought positive changes in site visits, overall site leads, and G70 leads.
Medientyp Internetseiten

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