TitelHankook Pinball Park
Kampagne Hankook Pinball Park
Werbende Hankook Tire Corporation
Marke Hankook Tire
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Reifen, Zubehör, Öl, Benzin

As the Official Tire and Partner of Major League Baseball, Hankook Tire wanted to promote the newly formed Hankook - MLB partnership and strengthen the brand connection by leveraging the Geico All-Star FanFest and engaging with baseball fans during MLB All-Star Week.


In an attempt to tell a holistic story and create both an in-person and digital splash at Hankook's first MLB All-Star experience, a 30' x 30' space was utilized to house the massive custom pinball machine. IWA built this Hankook's Pinball Park incorporating Hankook's top line tires as part of the target as well all of the graphics. Multiple baseball / sports focused social influencers were hired to capture content and promote Hankook's presence in DC over the course of the event. Hankook's activation presence stayed true to the organization's core principles and spoke dynamic and innovation within the world of professional baseball.
Ergebnis Hankook's Pinball Park proved to be one of the most unique, eye-catching and popular activations at FanFest due to overall throughput and the consistent line over the course of the event.
Medientyp Interaktive Outdoor Experience

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