TitelConservation Starts Small
Kampagne Conservation Starts Small
Werbende Amélie Company
Marke Colorado Parks & Wildlife
PostedApril 2020
Geschäftsbereich Landschafts-und Gebäudepflege, Park & Tiererhaltung
Story Colorado has such a diverse wealth of traversable nature that it can all begin to feel a little “commonplace” to those that live here. We were tasked with bringing the majesty of Mother Earth back into the lives and long weekends of Coloradans, through the creation of a campaign rooted in getting people to care about conservation in actionable ways. The biggest hurdle? To do so without using the imagery normally associated with conservation and tourism campaigns. After some careful deliberation, and a few business-casual walks through the woods, we found an interesting way in. To make Coloradans care about the big picture, why not try focusing on the little picture -- the time-proven routines that make nature work and keep our wilds just that. To get people to care about nature, we stripped most of it out of the frame. The irony is not lost on us.
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