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MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER is the highly awarded, full-service advertising agency behind some of the industry’s most talked-about creative work for clients like Audi, Safeway, Method, AAA, and Constellation Brands. When we’re just being natural, we would say we help brands inventively connect with people, no matter what the means: TV, social,... Weiterlesen

Audi Audi Interaktiv, Media Planung 2014
AAA Insurance Group, NCNU Fernsehen & Kino, Interaktiv, Presse & Publikationen, Informationsmaterial & Direktmarketing, Promotion & Events, Radio, Media Einkauf & Planung 2014
method home method Fernsehen & Kino, Interaktiv, Presse & Publikationen, Außenwerbung, Media Einkauf & Planung 2016
Safeway O Organics Fernsehen & Kino 2015
OXO OXO Fernsehen & Kino, Interaktiv, Außenwerbung, Media Einkauf & Planung, Recherchen & Andere 2015
Constellation Brands, Inc. Tom Gore, Cooper & Thief, Ravage, Notable, Callie Collection Interaktiv, Presse & Publikationen, Verpackung, Marke & Design, Promotion & Events, Media Einkauf & Planung 2015