TitelWheat Thins Crunch is Calling Case Study
Kampagne Wheat Thins Crunch is Calling
Werbende Kraft Foods, Inc.
Marke Wheat Thins
PostedNovember 2014
Geschäftsbereich Kekse, Brot, Knäckebrot
Story Wheat Thins problem was that it had become stale and boring.While everyone knows and likes Wheat Thins, the brand was losing share to more “exciting” and youthful snacks like potato chips.Wheat Thins’ TV advertising wasn’t helping. It was stuck in a 1980s time warp where consumers went into an ecstatic state at the prospect of eating this ubiquitous chip.When Kraft asked The Escape Pod to create a new TV campaign for the brand, we immediately knew what we wouldn’t be doing: mimicking what had been done in the past. Wheat Thins needed some new energy -- and fast.We had the idea of searching Twitter to see what, if anything was being said about Wheat Thins there. We were amazed to see a veritable torrent of love for the brand online. America loves them some Wheat Thins!So we thought ‘why not recognize and reward these online Wheat Thins fans?’Why not surprise the hell out of some of these tweeters and put them and their love for the brand on national TV.So that’s exactly what we did.Every time our commercials aired, brand chatter on Twitter went through the roof.The brand was suddenly relevant again because it had done something cool, involving, and current. 
Medientyp Case Study

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