TitelJordan Welcome Video
Kampagne Breakfast Club
Werbende Nike
Marke Jordan
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Sportbekleidung
Slogan Rise. Work. Shine.
Story At the end of the 1980’s Michael Jordan couldn’t beat the Pistons. So he decided to get up before practice…and practice. The Breakfast Club was born. Throughout the following seasons, Jordan and his teammates trained harder and got stronger. They also won six NBA championships. Jordan Brand asked GCF to develop the strategy, creative and executions of the Breakfast Club platform for elite high school athletes across the country. We helped bring MJ’s experience during those historic seasons to life for the next generation of elite athletes. At exclusive invitation-only events, these First-Class Flyers are welcomed by Jordan Athletes to the program that will set them on an proven path to athletic success. When greatness is the expectation, these young athletes have a chance to rise to the occasion.
Philosophie Maximize the impact of an elite group of Jordan athletes to reach teens. Accomplish this through 1st person narratives of what it takes to be on the path to greatness.
Medientyp Internet-Film
Director/Creative Director

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