Kampagne It only takes...
Werbende SafeAuto Insurance
Marke SafeAuto Insurance
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Geschäftsbereich Versicherung
Slogan "It only takes..."
Story We created the Terrible Quotes campaign to address a “hard market” in the insurance industry – insurance rates going up across all providers due to lower gas prices (cheap gas = more drivers = more accidents/claims). In this heightened shopping/switching environment we invited shoppers to take the short 3 minutes to save by pointing out other that happen quickly (in threes).
Philosophie An execution from SafeAuto's "It only takes..." campaign that drove increased quotes and sales to safeauto.com in a heightened shopping/switching environment across the car insurance industry due to industry wide rate hikes.
In this case It only takes three autocorrects to create awkwardness and 3 minutes for a better quote.
Problem When gas prices are low, more people drive. This makes Car insurance rates rise. When rates go up, people shop for new policies. SafeAuto needed to get into the consideration set while being outspent 20 to1.
Ergebnis This was part of a larger SafeAuto effort that helped sales climb by 77.3% in the first quarter of 2017.
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