New York, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
TitelHeineken National Distributers Conference 2017 (3)
Kampagne National Distributers Conference 2017
Werbende Heineken
Marke Heineken
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Getränke
Story After many years of being in traditional theatres, in 2017 HEINEKEN USA wanted something new. So we went to the Dallas Convention Center and designed an immersive environment for their audience of 1,500 distributors and employees.

Inside the massive convention hall we created a room within a room where we could control the visuals, the auditory experience, the lighting and the overall feel. We created a “black box” that was 280’ x 300’ complete with bleacher seating in a custom 270° layout. The raked seating surrounded a massive 80’ x 40’ stage on three sides. We then immersed our audience in super high definition 4.4mm LED. The set featured a giant 40' x 60' LED wall in the center, and two 80’ x 16’ LED screens on the sides.

And, the piece d’resistance, the entire 80’ x 40’ floor was also LED!

Why all the LED? Well, HEINEKEN USA owns hundreds of brands and, as part of their conference, they present many of them. Each brand has a different look, feel, color scheme, brand identity, and personality. The encompassing LED allowed us to completely change the environment with the simple push of a button. And it was incredibly immersive, connecting the audience to the content and to the brands in a powerful way.

And make no mistake, this wasn’t like clicking through a typical Power Point presentation. Every single look was a full-canvas, 270° work of art that delighted the audience at every turn.

The three-sided seating created an intimate environment so the speakers felt very connected to the audience. The presenters walked unique patterns along the floor, presented in pairs, and even conducted panels from every corner of the set.

The entire audience was always either just a few feet from the presenters, or able to see their faces on IMAG, captured by one of our six cameras.

HEINEKEN USA’S messaging and personality shined through brilliantly as Execs chose music for each other, high-fived, hugged, playfully “interrupted” each other, and showed up in each other’s videos. This team is a family, and we made sure the distributor partners knew what an integral part of the HEINEKEN USA family they are.
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