Luzhnetskaya nab. 2/4
Moscow 119270
Telefon: (+7) 495 644 29 24



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House of Communication Moscow

Luzhnetskaya nab. 2/4
Moscow 119270
Telefon: (+7) 495 644 29 24

Über House of Communication Moscow

Serviceplan – the integrated full-service agency in Russia
In Russia, Serviceplan is committed to drawing on its specific know-how and cutting-edge technologies to provide the entire country with sophisticated and efficient all-round communication. With Louder there are also experts for event and premium mass marketing. 

Stretching over two continents, Russia offers a huge area and superb potential for the development of digital communication in particular. Customers here face different challenges than those in smaller, less extensive countries. Serviceplan therefore develops specific communication concepts that factor in these requirements and helps customers to deal with the special circumstances of this market.
We are represented through the following agencies in Moscow: Serviceplan, Mediaplus, Plan.Net and Louder.


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building best brands

What binds us all together is the passion to develop and to coach fascinating brands. Brands that are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers – in other words, best brands. Innovative communication is the path to this goal. That means finding new ways to move the hearts of consumers: creatively, through media, technologically and by integrating all three.

Our vision is to provide the most modern and most efficient agency model for international communications. That means combining global thinking with local action. We are standing up for this belief with our "House of Communication" agency model. These centres combine classic, media, online and research under a single roof. At every House of Communication, we can therefore develop globally integrated campaigns for our customers 


The Serviceplan Group is the largest independent and most diversified owner and partner-managed agency group. Our offices are located across the globe, offering specialized services to make international and national brands successful. Our unique concept “House of Communication” is an integrated agency model, combining all relevant disciplines under one roof - whether they are brand strategists, creative professionals, media or online specialists, designers, dialogue, content or CRM experts, business analysists, market researchers, PR consultants or sales specialists.

By the mid-90s, Serviceplan had become the first communication agency to venture into the growing online market and also had adjusted to the requirements of the future in the area of media: today, the additional corporate brands within the Group – Plan.Net, Mediaplus, Facit and Solutions – also rank among the market leaders in their respective competitive environments.

This precise interplay between the various specialist agencies in matters of creation, technology and media makes us the leading agency group for innovative communication. In order to guarantee outstanding performance in the execution of its campaigns, Serviceplan is represented with own offices in all significant economic areas in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Together, all Serviceplan companies currently have more than 4,300 employees whose work regularly wins awards at national and international creative competitions. 

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