New York, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Kampagne ColumbiaYou
Werbende Columbia University
Marke Columbia University
PostedApril 2018
Geschäftsbereich Universitäten und Berufschulen
Story ASSIGNMENTBuild a greater understanding of the community’s breadth and scope, facilitate networking, and drive awareness of programs and research.
THE SOLUTIONWe created a dynamic, global storytelling platform that is open to all members of the Columbia University family; alumni, students, educators, and all those with a Columbia story to share. ColumbiaYou is tightly integrated into the fabric of the University and celebrates relevant initiatives happening all around campus and the world. Exploring the site allows visitors to be an active participant in the ongoing dialogue of the University, and not just a passive observer.
THE RESULTSWhile the campaign is still only a few months old, the fanfare out of the gate has been remarkable. Not only have we seen a viral influx of stories being submitted by alumni from all over the world, but just as importantly, we are seeing the social spread of the stories expanding our message to a variety of new audiences. 
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