TitelAMD Gaming PC Built with Ryzen & Radeon Components
Kampagne AMD Gaming PC Built with Ryzen & Radeon Components
Werbende AMD
Marke AMD
PostedSeptember 2022
Geschäftsbereich Andere
Story Countries: Australia, Japan, Thailand
Marketing Channels: YouTube, Facebook, TikTok
Influencer Types: Technology reviewers & computer experts
Content Types: Dedicated YouTube videos & short Facebook & TikTok videos
Philosophie Partnering with leading computer technology creators to build a gaming PC with AMD components: Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU.
Showcasing computer unboxings, computer builds, high performance game testings and AMD software testings.
Highlighting advanced AMD technology and premium gaming experience.
Encouraging viewers to visit e-commerce sites where they can purchase AMD products.
Problem Targeting advanced gamers
Encouraging tech enthusiast to build their own customized PC using AMD components
Promotes AMD components as an advanced technology for gamers
Ergebnis Impressions: 1,300,000
Views: 375,000
Engagement Rate: 5%
Medientyp Social Media
Mehr Informationen http://ajmarketing.io

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