TitelPhilips Smart TV Review
Kampagne Philips Smart TV Review
Werbende Philips
Marke Philips
PostedSeptember 2022
Geschäftsbereich TV, HiFi, Video
Story Country: Korea
Marketing Channel: YouTube
Influencer Types: Consumer electronics & technology reviewers
Content Type: Dedicated YouTube videos
Philosophie Collaborating with expert technology influencers to create an authentic review video that is professional and trustworthy.
Explaining the unique selling points of Philips Smart TV by mentioning the key features covering hardware and software.
Positioning Philips Smart TV as a perfect fit for all: from families, young audiences, to senior audiences.
Encouraging viewers to visit e-commerce sites where they can purchase Philips Smart TV.
Problem Promote the new Philips Smart TV
Reach top-of-mind as a leading consumer electronics brand, suitable for families and any generations
Create authentic and honest content strategy through YouTube video review
Ergebnis Impressions: 700,000
Views: 150,000
Engagement Rate: 16%
Medientyp Social Media
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