TitelThe Mystery of Spring Rolls
Kampagne The Mystery of Spring Rolls
Werbende Unilever Food Solution
Marke Unilever Food Solution
PostedApril 2018
Geschäftsbereich Nahrungsmittel
Story English Synopsis : Chefs In China Stand A Low Social Position. To Enhance Their Reputation And Dig Out The True Meaning Behind The Meal, Unilever Released A Social Video, ”the Mystery Of Spring Rolls,” Telling A Story Of A Chef, Who Left Home And Fought From His Young Age. From His Grandma’s Spring Rolls, He Realized If One Meal Would Be Able To Impress The Guests’ Mind It Must Be Cooked Wholeheartedly. This Film Has Received A Wide Range Of Positive Feedbacks In The Chef’s Social Network After Released On Chef Day. It Vividly Describes The Hard Work Of Apprentice Cook And Reveals All The Efforts And Struggle Of Chef Career, Which Makes Them Really Proud Of Being A Chef.
English Context Explanation : China Is A Powerful Culinary Country And Has Massive Chef Communities. However, Unlike Western Countries, Chefs In China Are Not Represented In Society. With That Being Said, Deep Inside Their Hearts, Chefs Still Want Their Contributions To Be Seen, Cherished, Understood, And Praised, So That They Can Have Stronger Social Existence And Demonstrate Their Value. Therefore, Unilever Wanted To Highlight The Spirit And Value Of Chefs Through This Chef’s Day Campaign. Unilever Hopes To Attract The Participation Of All Chefs And Enhance Their Sense Of Identity Towards Their Occupation, Thus Recalling The Society’s Attention And Recognition On The Occupation Of Chef.
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