Titelmi adidas Configurator
Kampagne mi adidas
Werbende adidas
Marke adidas
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Mode, Kleidung & Schuhe
Slogan Make it mine.
Story We redefined product configuration, giving global teens the freedom to express themselves anytime, anywhere.
Philosophie Next Generation Personalization
Mi Adidas turns teen consumers into upstart designers, offering aplatform to showcase their personal taste and creativity through a best-in-class, flexible, portable configuration tool.
Problem The Tools to Stand Out and Fit In
Teens rely on personal expression and peer validation on the path to purchase. Mi Adidas uses social media to transform shoe configuration and buying from a personal to a shared experience. 
Redefining E-commerce in the Connected World
Portable. Flexible. Globally scalable. Mi Adidas is a seamless, live-anywhere experience–from customization, to sharing, to purchase: from online, to mobile, to in-store and back. 
24% increase in total orders
84% increase in team orders
29% increase in average weekly sales
6% increase in order value
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