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Red Apple

127018, ul. Polkovaya, 3 bld.3
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Über Red Apple

The International Advertising Festival Red Apple will takes place in Moscow on December 12-13 in 2019. It is the biggest and the most valued advertising festival in Russia. It is being held for over 25 years already and is presumably included in the Gunn Report.
The concept of the festival is to unite creative cultures of Europe and Asia, because Russia is situated on both of these continents.
The event does not only include an exciting learning program but also the competition itself. The Festival traditionally holds amazing award ceremonies and loads of other eye-catching events.
Red Apple isn’t just an event to summing up and awarding outstanding advertisers. It is by far an active, permanent communication between different cultures, ideas and opinions. Not just advertising. Not just marketing. But also everything, that helps us think in a creative way, which makes the audience feel involved and helps form the Eurasian creative space. It is inspiration. It is passion for what you do and that can change our lives. It is the result.
Two days in the center of Russia’s capital traditions of Europe meet the traditions of Asia. Professional International Jury and speakers, an understanding and eager-to-learn audience, a program, that fully reflects the concept of the festival and new creative award categories — this is why you should be part of this new story.
The official call for entries on the Red Apple International Advertising Festival has started. Advertisers from all over the world have three months to content their best cases and conquer hearts of professional juries.
Annually Red Apple means more than thousand works from different parts of the world, record number of talented people at one place and impressive jury! This year jury consists of representatives of 10 different countries, together they have more than 350 Cannes Lions Awards!
Participants can become the best of the best in 20 categories:
“Social advertising”
“Creative effectiveness”
“Indoor advertising”
“Radio advertising”
“Promo campaigns”
“Outdoor advertising”
“Print advertising (craft)”
“Print advertising”
“Media projects”
“Label and Packaging”
“DM-materials and souvenirs”
“Innovative advertising”
“Advertising campaigns”
“Digital advertising (interactive tools)”
“Digital advertising (campaigns)”
“Communication design”
“TV and cinema advertising”
“TV and cinema advertising (craft)”
There are two more categories in the competition: «Digital advertising (craft)” and “Use of Data”. Another innovation: Red Apple festival’s participants can submit their winning work in “Creative effectiveness” for the last three years.