A Table For One

Promoting one-person ready meals with a singular pop-up restaurant.

All the single ladies are staying single. Well, perhaps not all, but in recent years there’s been a distinct rise in the number of people who live alone, whether divorced, separated or just happy to fly solo. So what happens when you’re home alone and you can’t be bothered to cook? There are take-out options, of course. But now you can also go to a restaurant – for one.
Called 1:1, the unique pop-up address in Copenhagen has just one table and one chair. Your only companion is the chef, giving you the choice of either chatting about ingredients or simply enjoying a moment of solitary dining pleasure.
The restaurant was created by Danish supermarket Irma, which has just launched a range of one-person ready meals (Irma To-Go) in association with top restaurants. The range targets the booming single market, while also avoiding the waste associated with meals designed for families but bought by just one person.