Extension of an interactive successful campaign in the streets

For "Pleasure Seekers" in real and in virtual life.

Magnum embarked on a new brand promise “for pleasure seekers” and designed a “Pleasure Hunt” across the internet – a trail of chocolate sweets leading them to the ultimate prize; a Magnum temptation ice-cream. To consolidate Magnums’ new brand promise and aligned with the launch of the new Magnum Infinity ice cream, the brand recently developed the mobile phone application- “Pleasure Hunt Across Amsterdam” moving the interactive concept from the internet realm to the real-world. Combing Google Maps and GPS- the mobile application allowed people to run the streets of Amsterdam and collect the ingredients of the Magnum Infinity ice-cream in a real-life version of “Pac-man” -but instead of Pac-man ghosts, there were greedy mouths that chased the player. The 9 Streets Area of Amsterdam was the location chosen for the game as its’ streets are akin to a labyrinth shape and provided the perfect setting for the trail. The event also gained publicity through an event “The Magnum headquarters” -where participants could cash in their points to obtain a Magnum Infinity ice-cream or, if they logged on to the score-board they could win prizes such as beauty products, spa treatments or the ultimate prize- a trip to New York. In one week- 1,000 people took part in the 10 minute game. That transpires into 10,000 hours of exposure to the brand. The campaign was captured by intensive media coverage, and there are plans for the campaign idea to be spread elsewhere.
TitelMagnum Pleasure Hunt Across Amsterdam
Kampagne Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across Amsterdam
Werbende Unilever
Marke Magnum

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