Revenge by interior design

A hotel combats its worst enemy by stealing from its playbook and becoming Hotelbnb

Airbnb decimated the hotel industry, as travellers found they preferred staying in quirky individual homes to cookie-cutter hotels. Lately, though, the hotels have been fighting back. Take the hotel Honduras Maya, which flipped the situation by posting its own rooms on Airbnb. How? Well, first of all it redecorated all the rooms in different styles so they looked like cool one-off apartments. Then it made all its staff “hosts” on the Airbnb site. When the customers arrived, at first they were peeved they’d been tricked into booking a hotel room. But their mood changed when they realized that their “apartment” came with room service, a spa, a concierge – and all the other advantages of a hotel, at an Airbnb price. The word got around on social media and bookings soared. So now everyone’s saying, “Welcome to the Hotel Honduras, it’s such a lovely place.”