Reviving up organ donation

A motorsport sponsorship swap gets Brazilian fans talking about a taboo subject.

Nobody was talking about organ donation in Brazil, even though more than 33,000 people in the country are waiting for a transplant. In fact, doctors say donor numbers are falling as families resist the idea. Pharmaceutical company Prati Donaduzzi decided to act, teaming with up with Shell for a stunt during the popular Stock Car Brazil championships, where both brands sponsor teams. By “transplanting” a Prati-branded hood onto a rival Shell-sponsored car in mid-race, the brand got commentators, the public and the media buzzing about organ donation. Just 120 minutes and a strategic swap may save lives. 

TitelTransplanted Cars
Kampagne Transplanted Cars
Werbende Prati Donaduzzi / Shell
Marke Shell / Prati Donaduzzi

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