Sunny Sales: Real QR code and virtual sales

A 3D QR code available only during specific periods

Emart is a big Korean chain of retail stores. Their problem is that during lunch time (12pm to 1pm) the sales decreased drastically. So the agency Cheil had for objective to drive people to the stores and make the business growing. QR codes are very popular in this country and people are used to it. They have thus introduced a real 3-D QR Code which was usable with the sunlight and shadow during the lunch time. Anybody who did scan the code was given a special discount code or coupon to use in the store or via E-mart app. The results has been so impressive that Emart has extended the operation to a lot of stores. The sales have increased 25% during the operation
TitelShadow QR / Sunny Sale
Kampagne Sunny Sale
Werbende Emart
Marke Emart

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PostedJunI 2012
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