Virtual Style for Online Meetings

How to look pro without changing out of your pyjamas.

Many countries are slowly easing their lockdowns, but quite a few of us will still be working from home for weeks or even months to come. That means even more online meetings. If you work for a company that requires you to look presentable – or at least your top half – how can you pep up your office style when your favourite fashion store is closed? Of course you could order online. But what if you could look good without abandoning your jimjams? Georgian fashion brand Giovanni Morra has the answer in the form of virtual outfits and accessories. Users of Zoom, Teams et al can choose a look by downloading the Snap Camera, integrating its filters and searching for Giovanni Morra. All the products are based on real items from the brand, using 3D modeling. So in just a few clicks, casual Friday becomes virtual Friday