You’ll Look Twice At This Video

Using mobile technology to stunning effect for an organ donation campaign.

von Maud Largeaud , AdForum

While other organs experience wear and tear, your cornea remains chipper at no matter what age you quit this world. So it’s an ideal candidate for donation. In Argentina, as in other countries, there’s a long waiting list for corneal transplants and too few donors. To raise awareness of the issue, organ donation charity INCUCAI and Sony Music (abetted by Wunderman Thompson Buenos Aires) created a very special video with one of the country’s most popular musicians. At first the music video appeared blurry, but when viewers pointed their mobile’s camera at another person’s eyes, it suddenly jumped into focus. Thus cleverly demonstrating the necessary of “donating” vision to those in need. The campaign won the Responsibility Grand Prix in December’s Epica Awards.