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Über David&Goliath

With offices in Los Angeles, California and Brooklyn, NY, David&Goliath works with transformative brands to solve their toughest business challenges and create cultural & social impact. Founded in 1999, D&G has set a new standard for the industry, embodying a unique combination of bravery, creativity, and innovation. The agency’s work has been internationally recognized for its impact by Cannes, Effies, the CLIOs, D&AD, ADC, and The One Show, and it has received numerous accolades including MediaPost Automotive Agency of the Year, AdAge Small Agency of the Year, and LA Entrepreneur of the Year. 


David&Goliath Welcomes Esusu as New Client Set to Open the Door to Greater Financial Freedom for Renters

 Esusu, the leading company advancing rent reporting and data solutions for credit building, chooses David&Goliath as AOR
Integrated creative agency David&Goliath (D&G) announces its latest partnership with Esusu, the unicorn fintech company leveraging on-time rent reporting to improve credit scores and bridge the racial wealth gap. Today, 45 million Americans are considered “credit invisible,” or lacking visibility in the credit system, due to their socioeconomic backgrounds and lack of credit history with one of the three major credit bureaus — and the vast majority of these people are of minority status. By reporting on-time rent payments to credit bureaus, Esusu helps renters establish a credit identity and show lenders that they are responsible consumers without taking on additional debt. In turn, the model assists property owners and managers in maximizing their returns, as Esusu incentivizes renters to make on-time payments and covers missed rent payments through its ​​0% rent stability program. As Esusu's Agency of Record (AOR), D&G is developing the brand strategy while creating Esusu’s design and voice in bringing the narrative of financial freedom to a broader audience, including those deemed “credit invisible.” 
"We are honored to partner with Esusu, a company with grit and determination, whose core values resonate with our commitment to driving societal change," said David Angelo, founder and creative chairman of D&G. "Financial inclusivity is a Goliath that needs to be addressed at a societal level, and we are excited to employ our strategic and creative expertise to propel Esusu's vital message and services to new heights."
Since its inception in 2018, Esusu renters have created over $21.9 billion in new credit tradelines and the brand has reported over $28 billion in rental payments made by renters. Moreover, Esusu has facilitated the creation of over 107,000 new credit scores for Americans in 2024. D&G is tasked with helping to position and grow Esusu’s brand, and to amplify their product offerings, which include credit-building opportunities, financial literacy content, and resources such as rent relief funds. 
“Our partnership with D&G marks a significant step for us in Esusu’s journey,” said Esusu co-founders and co-CEOs Wemimo Abbey and Samir Goel. “Esusu was founded on the principle that where you come from, the color of your skin, and your financial identity should not determine where you end up in life. We’re eager to continue our work expanding financial access with the help of the team at D&G.” 
The collaboration kicked off with D&G’s “8 Weeks of Bravery” immersion process, followed by innovative strategy, brand, and marketing work that will begin rolling out in Q2 of this year.
About David&Goliath
David&Goliath (D&G) is an independently operated, wholly-owned, subsidiary of Innocean Worldwide based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1999, D&G is a full-service creative agency whose sole mission is to inspire people and brands to take on their Goliaths in business and in life and step into their most impactful potential. A singular agency committed to setting a new standard for the industry, it has expanded its purpose-driven footprint by bolstering its capabilities in the areas of culture and social impact worldwide. D&G creates work and experiences that are authentic to a brand’s purpose combining the power of creativity, innovation and social impact. The agency’s work has been internationally recognized for its creativity, effectiveness and impact by Cannes, Effies, the CLIOs, D&AD, ADC, and The One Show, as well received accolades including MediaPost Automotive Agency of the Year, Ad Age Small Agency of the Year and LA Entrepreneur of the Year. Current clients include Kia America, California Lottery, VIZIO, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, Jollibee and Frito-Lay. 
About Esusu
Esusu is the leading financial technology platform that leverages data solutions to empower residents and improve property performance. Esusu's rent reporting platform captures rental payment data and reports it to credit bureaus to boost credit scores. This allows renters to build and establish their credit scores while helping property owners mitigate against initiating evictions, powered by differentiated data and insights. Founded in 2018, Esusu reaches over 5 million rental units across all 50 states in the United States. Learn more at www.esusurent.com and follow us on Instagram @myesusu and on Twitter @getesusu.

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