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Über David&Goliath

We are David&Goliath, an integrated creative advertising agency. We’re a true challenger agency. It’s in our name and DNA. We believe there is a challenger in all of us. And that being a challenger is a mindset, not a market position. Our mission is to help inspire people and brands to embrace their challenger spirit to unleash their true potential. Our philosophy and guiding principle is Brave. Brave is having the courage to embrace who you are and live it every day. Brave is our filter for everything we do. From how we inspire our people to bravely take on their biggest fears, to the 10 Brave Ways that guide us, to Today, I’m Brave, the non-profit we created to inspire people all around the world. When your name is David&Goliath, you can’t help but live the challenger spirit every day. And we do this by developing ideas that challenge the status quo and defy category conventions. We help our clients step into their own bravery by taking smart, calculated risks in order to overcome their Goliaths and achieve greatness. 


David&Goliath Takes Its Strategic Approach to the Next Level With “Slingshot”

–New Head of Strategy Melissa Cabral To Lead A Reimagined Process for Agency’s Strategic Capabilities– 

To Melissa Cabral, David&Goliath’s (D&G) new Head of Strategy, there’s so much that’s in flux today. Now more than ever, a bold strategy is paramount to creating effective and innovative campaigns for clients that go beyond the conventional. Strategies need to question norms, old ways of working, and figure out what’s permanent versus what’s malleable. This is what’s expected of strategy departments industry-wide, and what D&G’s new department head aims to accomplish.

Reporting directly to David Angelo, Founder and Creative Chairman of D&G, Cabral will oversee the agency’s strategic practice across its portfolio of clients. In addition to driving client growth initiatives, she is part of an executive team responsible for spearheading the course for future partners. 

Cabral’s reimagined strategic approach is aptly named “Slingshot” – perfectly on brand for an agency that embraces the brave philosophy of its namesake for its people and brand partners, and boasts a seven-foot slingshot in its lobby. “A lot of marketers have one shot to get something right in the market and strategy exists to sharpen a brand’s aim,” said Cabral. She added, “I love the idea of borrowing from the mechanics of the David&Goliath story as an approach to strategy. Using data and rigor to identify worthy Goliaths (marketing challenges or norms ripe for challenging) and helping brands hone their superpowers, we can arm them with ‘slingshots,’ or strategic springboards, for ideation and creation. If a brand is self-aware enough to credibly leverage what makes them special, that creates real competitive advantage. Goliaths don’t stand a chance.” 

Bringing more than 10+ years of agency-side experience to D&G, Cabral is already seeing that this reimagined approach is elevating the agency’s strategy department and inspiring innovative thinking for clients. It is also further boosting collaboration within the agency’s multidisciplinary strategy teams across data, planning, communications, social, and influencers.

“I really like Melissa’s unique approach to solving challenges and her ability to bring more innovative strategies to the table for our clients. Already, she understands the core of our ethos and that is demonstrated with Slingshot,” said Angelo. “She embraced our culture the moment she joined, and is a huge advocate of the authentic purpose work we create and the fighting spirit in all of us. I look forward to working alongside her as we continue to help clients unlock their true brand purpose and achieve greater impact.”

Prior to coming to D&G, Cabral was head of strategy at The Many for clients including eBay, Panda Express, Bumble Bee Seafoods, Google, Netflix, and YouTube. Before that, she was strategy director at CP&B LA for Infiniti Global, Jose Cuervo, 1800 Tequila, and SOREL Footwear. Her work has been awarded by The One Show, Effies, D&AD, the Webbys, Shortys, and AICP. She is a former Adjunct Professor at Miami Ad School and an advocate for inclusion and gender equality.

“From the leadership level down there’s a genuine desire to put something positive out into the world. D&G walks the talk, from its culture to purpose work to its own Today, I’m Brave nonprofit initiatives. I’m inspired by the support we give to employees to help them conquer their personal Goliaths – and celebrate that when it happens. I find our entire approach to be exceptionally unique and am thrilled to be on this ‘boat’ with great humans, who have incredible energy and talent, and who are focused on making a collective difference,” added Cabral.


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