TitelLooking for a Heartbeat
Kampagne Looking for a Heartbeat
Werbende Reborn To Be Alive
Marke Reborn To Be Alive

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A man who lives without a heart. That’s impossible right!?

A man without a heart presents an emotional appeal to encourage all Belgians to become an organ donor.
Christophe De Fonseca from Belgium, died on June 25th 2014. He fell from his bike after his heart stopped beating. It was the last time he would feel a heartbeat. When he woke up in hospital it was silent in his chest. And it stayed silent. The heartbeat that makes us all feel human was gone.
He calls himself RoboCop, not because he’s extraordinarily strong, but because just like the fictional character he lives on a machine, like a machine. A small pump in his chest replaces his big heart and a battery around his belly keeps it going.
Just like we want our smartphones fully charged at any time, for him it’s vital that his mechanical heart is plugged in as much as possible. In the car, at home, wherever he can.
Christophe can live without a heart, but the remaining quality of life is minimal at best. He was once an airline pilot with a passion for flying, but all this crashed from one day to the next.
In a touching film from the transplant charity Reborn to be Alive - titled : Looking for a Heartbeat - Christophe goes on a deliberate quest for spectacular actions that would skyrocket the heartrate of any normal person. Cycling, drifting in a fast car, flying, … but it doesn’t affect him.
The only thing that can give him back the sensation of a beating heart is an organ donation.
A film that leaves leaves you with a sense of purpose. A story which commutes between the harsh reality of a man without a heart and the ray of of hope he still cherishes.
Shortly before releasing this film Christophe passed away. However, it was his wish to make this project happen, no matter what. Because there are thousands of people who still have a chance to survive. Like this we are reminded again of the crucial importance of organ donation. What
are you waiting for? 

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