TitelSmart house
BriefA smug guy lives in a "smart" house that responds to his voice commands. But then he visits the dentist. Returning home, he mumbles "open door". But through his swollen mouth it's more like "offa draw". The house leaves him locked out in the pouring rain. And even when he does get inside, a request to turn up the heating just results in louder music. Better to keep things simple, like Rema 1000 supermarket. A man whose "smart house" responds to his voice commands finds himself in trouble when he returns from the dentist and can barely speak. When he finally convinces the house to let him in, his request for a "fire" just results in the loud music being pumped up even "higher". The man who lives in a "smart house" seems to have everything going for him. The house responds smoothly to his voice commands. It even reminds him that he has a dentists' appointment. But when he returns, it all goes pear-shaped. His mouth is so swollen that the house can no longer understand what he's saying. So he finds himself locked out in the rain, shouting with increasing desperation.
Kampagne Smart house
Werbende Rema 1000
Marke Rema 1000

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