TitelDeal with the dark
Kampagne Deal with the dark
Werbende IKEA
Marke Ikea

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Musik A... Am.....am Nur für Abonnenten
Tonstudio S...d C...us Nur für Abonnenten
Creative Director M...en K...t Nur für Abonnenten
Art Director G...ro R...to J...er .n S...af Nur für Abonnenten
Creative Teammitglied R...n M...el Nur für Abonnenten
Creative Teammitglied P....ck ..n H....en Nur für Abonnenten
Regisseur F...is K...ma Nur für Abonnenten
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Bild und Kamera P...r K...a Nur für Abonnenten
Set Designer G...ro R...to J...er .n S...af Nur für Abonnenten
Agency Producer M...a B....ma Nur für Abonnenten
Cutter T..n Ri....ld Nur für Abonnenten
Poem F...is K...ma Nur für Abonnenten

Über CZAR Amsterdam


‘Baskèts,’ the Debut Film of CZAR’s New Director Philip de Iongh

CZAR - Amsterdam welcomes their new director Philip de Iongh to their roster upon the premiere of their new film for Amsterdam based store concept and lifestyle brand Baskèts. This new film showcases Philip’s unique take on directing that he has carefully developed throughout a decade of working as one of the most wanted assistant directors within country borders.
With a clear objective in mind, Philip graduated with flying colors from the Amsterdam Film School where he made his first short film ‘Naar Binnen’, resulting in the takeoff of several new projects. He has since released a light and catchy film highlighting the traditional and personal aspects of restaurant chain Spaghetteria, his recent launch for Baskèts being his biggest commercial to date.
The film delves into the lives of different young adults coming from various underground scenes in Amsterdam. Philip presents them within their individual worlds yet manages to create a single atmosphere by making the passion emoted by them the real protagonist, instead of the characters themselves. 

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