TitelThe Wrong Bank
Kampagne The Wrong Bank
Werbende Tochka Bank
Marke Tochka Bank

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Regisseur I..a Na.....ler Nur für Abonnenten
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Über Voskhod

«Voskhod» — it’s advertising without borders: geographical,national, genre. Our clients (foreign and Russian) have alreadyappreciated the effectiveness of advertising, where creativity and mediaare united.
To move beyond — that has been our constant motto since 1996. 


Our music video about hardships of entrepreneurs has entered the Top-3 of the Russian Youtube overnight

Monopolists against private entrepreneurs is the eternal confrontation of business in any country. However, Russia has its own flavor. The emotions are brighter here and the colors are stronger – as in gypsy families, which we often see in films about Russia.

And so it really is. It is through such close and understandable images that the Russian Tochka Bank, which supports small entrepreneurs, has shown its willingness to support its customers. It turned out to be a real epic film that just in a few days broke into the top of Russian YouTube. Check the video our and see if relates to you and your problems too?

The film was directed by Emir Kusturica for a song by a popular Russian music band and it has entered the Top-3 of the Russian Youtube overnight. 

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